The President, apart from his duties prescribed by the Constitution, fulfils a busy schedule, receiving High Commissioners and Ambassadors when they present their letters of Credence. He is visited by representatives of local voluntary organisations, attends special services of religious denominations, offers hospitality, visits schools, and attends cultural activities and other functions. He extends his patronage, when requested, to national charitable and voluntary organisations or to functions arranged in aid of charity.

The President, as a Constitutional Head of State should always maintain the dignity of the Office. He and his wife are entitled to certain privileges and courtesies.

He is styled His Excellency and his wife as Mrs. [surname]. He retains the right of precedence in all circumstances, although he may, as a matter of courtesy, waive this in certain cases. His personal standard (or flag) is flown by day and night on any residence where he is living and may, at his option be flown on certain other buildings when he is actually present.

Certain rules of protocol have grown up in connection with his public activities and the performance of his duties.