Attendance at Church Services

The President and his wife should arrive at the door of the church five (5) minutes before the commencement of the service. It is customary that he be greeted either by a member to the Clergy or by some other suitable church official. The party proceeds to the front right-hand pew in the following order:

  1. ADC and Church official
  2. The President and his wife

The ADC stands at attention beside the entrance to the pew. The President's wife enters first, then the President, the ADC sitting on the aisle seat.

The congregation rises when the President enters, and remains standing after the service until the party has withdrawn in the same order as when entering. The Clergy and church officials should be at the door to say goodbye.

When the President is at a service attended by any group such as the Police Service, Scouts an guides etc he will probably be invited to take the salute at the March Pass after the service, but an invitation to be present at the service is also extended by the Minister of the church.