Entertaining the President

  1. The President should be met at the door of a building (outside, weather permitting) by the President or Chairman of the Organization, or a senior officer.
  2. In being presented to the President and his wife by the Aide-de-Camp, or President, Chairman, etc. gentlemen precede their wives.
    This applies to both public and private functions.
  3. If His Excellency is in a receiving line other than at his own reception, the line-up should be host, His Excellency, His Excellency’s wife, host lady. The ADC will gladly assist with the announcing of names if this is required by the host.
  4. The President always goes first down a corridor, through a door or entering an elevator or car.
    The one exception is the president’s ADC, who precedes him to make sure all is in readiness.
  5. When entering a private home, the President and his wife are greeted by the host and hostess at the door. The host greets the President, presents his wife to the President, they then greet the President’s wife.
  6. A speaker at dinner or other function addresses the Chairman first "Mr. Chairman", “Your Excellency and Mrs. [Surname].
  7. The Dominica National Anthem is played when the President reaches his place on a platform or at a table as a matter of courtesy, and just before he sits, not as he enters the room. All should rise during his entrance. This may be followed by a prayer or grace. The President may then be seated.
  8. At a dinner or reception of any size, the President is served first, his wife second.
  9. If there is a large head table the President and his wife, and the host and hostess, should enter the dining area last. Order in entering the dining room is the ADC preceding His Excellency and the host. At a large formal dinner His Excellency should sit on the right of the Chairman of that dinner, and His Excellency’s wife on the left of the Chairman.
  10. It is preferable that any remarks by the President should be made early in the programme.
  11. When the President, preceded by the ADC, leaves a dinner or other function, the guests stand until the President and his party have withdrawn.

    When the President arrives to attend a public function, he is met at the door of the building by the senior official of the organisation concerned, or his deputy, should the senior official be engaged in other NECESSARY duties – for instance, receiving guests if it is a large function or awaiting His Excellency’s arrival in a special room with certain distinguished guests.

    While the President should have been informed of the name of the official meeting him, it is the duty of the ADC to introduce the official and his wife, (should she be present) to the President, then to the President’s wife.

    On occasions when the President visits an exhibition or similar function, a senior official must always be in attendance until he leaves.
  12. At a dinner or luncheon the ADC should sit at a table immediately in front of the President in order to be available if required.
  13. The President, as Head of State, sits on the right of the Chairman, regardless of the fact that there may be a "Guest Speaker" (titled or otherwise) or other distinguished guest. Where possible His Excellency’s wife should be seated on the left of the Chairman, however, if there is a guest speaker she may be moved further to the left. She should never sit on the right of His Excellency.