The above range of responsibilities would suggest that the Office of Head of State is a very important one as these duties are vital to maintaining the nation’s political unity and guaranteeing the constitutional powers. But the significance of the Office is far greater than that and can in no way be combined with the responsibilities of any other high office or function.

One of the paramount functions of the Office is to influence political thought and institutional direction in the national interest.

In this regard the President serves as a mediator in times of national crisis and should be instrumental in preparing the nation to co-operate with the government’s policies and programmes. This leaves no room for the Head of State to be regarded as a ‘rubber stamp’ because his sphere of influence has far reaching implications.

Another important aspect of the Office is the fact that the Head of State being independent of political parties, represents the nation as a whole. This neutrality is crucial to the integrity of the Office and can be a sensitive issue at the community level of service.

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