Ceremonial Duties of the President

Ceremonial Duties of the President

As Head of State the President is obliged to take part in public ceremonies. This role includes duties such as the opening of new sessions of Parliament, in holding honour investitures, receiving the Credentials of Ambassadors, High Commissioners, welcoming visiting Heads of State hosting and participating in other civil ceremonies.

The President provides non-partisan leadership in the community. He acts as patron of many organizations – the Dominica Red Cross Society, the Dominica Council on Aging, the Dominica Association of Disabled People, the Museum Trust, the Dominica Legion of the British Commonwealth Ex Service League.

The President is also Patron of the Scout Association of Dominica and he is also the Chief Scout. The sponsorship of patronage of the President indicates that an organization is worthy of his support. Other activities at the community level include the opening of buildings, launching special events and appeals, delivering addresses, visiting hospitals and schools and accepting ex-offcio responsibilities.

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