Administering Officers

Officers Administering the Government of Dominica

Presidents of the Commonwealth of Dominica
President Sylvanie Burton, D.A.H. 2023–present
President Charles Angelo Savarin, S.A.H, D.A.H, G.C.C.O. 2013–2023
President Eliud Thaddeus Williams, D.A.H., F.C.M.I. 2012-2013
President Dr. Nicholas J. O. Liverpool D.A.H. O.C.C. 2003-2012
President Vernon L. Shaw, S.A.H. 1998-2003
President Crispin A. Sorhaindo, O.B.E. 1993-1998
President Sir Clarence A. Seignoret, G.C.B., C.O.L., K.T.M., O.S.J., O.B.E. 1983-1993
President Aurelius B. Marie, M. B.E. 1980-1983
Acting President J.B.M. Amour, Esquire 1979-1980
President Frederick Degazon, Esquire 1979
Interim President Sir Louis Cools-Latigue, O.B.E. 1978

Sir Louis Cools-Latigue, O.B.E. 1967-1978
Governor G.C.Guy, C.M.G., C.V.O., O.B.E. 1967
Administrator G.C.Guy, C.M.G., C.V.O., O.B.E. 1965-1967
Administrator Lieut. Col. Alec Lovelace, C.M.G., M.B.E, M.C. 1960-1964
Administrator H.L. Lindo, C.M.G. 1952-1960
Administrator E.P. Arrowsmith, C.M.G. 1946-1952
Administrator J.S. Neil, C.M.G. 1938-1945
Administrator H.B. Popham, M.B.E. 1933-1937
Administrator W. A. Bowring, C.M.G. 1931-1933
Administrator E.C. Eliot, C.B.E. 1923-1931
Administrator R. Walter, C.M.G. 1920-1923
Administrator Arthur Mahaffy, O. B. 1915-1919
Administrator Edward Daruton, C.M.G 1914
Administrator W. Douglas Young, C. M. G 1906-1913
Administrator H. Hesketh Bell, C.M.G 1899-1905
Administrator P.A. Templer, C.M.G 1895-1899
President C.R. Le Hunte 1887-1894
Acting President J.S. Churchill 1882-1887
President C.M. Elridge, Esquire 1873-1882
President A.W. Moir, Esquire 1872-1873
Administrator Neale Porter, Esquire 1871-1872
Lieut. Governor S. Freeling, Esquire 1869-1871
H.E. Bulwer, Esquire, C.M.G 1867-1869
Lieut. Governor J. R. Longden 1865-1867
W. Robinson, Esquire 1865
Lieut. Governor J. Price 1861-1864
G. Berkeley, Esquire 1860-1861
Lieut. Governor Harry St. George Orde 1857-1860
Lieut. Governor S. W. Blackhall 1856-1857
President J. L. Bremner 1854-1856
Lieut. Governor S. W. Blackhall 1851-1854
Lieut. Governor G. McDonald 1848-1851
President J. L. Bremner 1847-1848
Lieut. Governor G. McDonald 1845-1847
President D.S. Laidlaw 1843-1845
Lieut. Governor J. Mc Phail 1842-1843
Major R. Hort 1840-1842
Lieut. Governor J. Mc Phail 1839-1840
Major Manning 1838-1839
Lieut. Governor J. Longlely 1838
Lieut. Governor Henry Light 1837-1838
President J. P. Lockhart 1836-1837
Governor-in–Chief of the Leeward Islands Resident in Dominica Sir E. J. Murray, Bart 1836
President J.P. Lockhart 1834-1836
Lieut. Governor Sir C.M. Schomerg 1833-1834
Governor Col. Sir E. J. Murray McGregor, Bart., 1832-1833
President J.P. Lockhart 1831-1832
Governor Major General W. Nocolay 1828-1831
President J. Laidlaw 1827-1828
Governor Major General W. Nocolay 1824-1827
Governor Earl of Huntingdon 1822-1824
President R. Reid 1821-1822
Governor Sir F.S. Whittingham 1820-1821
President R. Reid 1819-1820
Governor Colonel Charles W. Maxwell 1816-1819
President R. Reid 1815-1816
President B. Lucas 1814-1815
Governor Major General G.R. Ainslie 1813-1814
President John Corlet 1812-1813
Lieut. Governor Sir Edward Barnes 1809-1812
Governor-General Montgomerie 1808-1809
Governor George Metcalfe 1805-1808
Governor Sir George Prevost 1802-1805
Governor A. Cochrane Johnstone 1797-1802
President Matson 1796-1797
Governor Henry Hamilton 1794-1796
Lieut. Governor Thomas Bruce 1789-1794
Governor Sir John Orde, Bart., 1784-1789

Governor De Fagan 1780-1784
Governor Marquis Duchilleau 1778-1780

Governor Sir. Wm. Shirley 1774-1775
Lieut. Governor the Hon. Wm. Stewart 1773-1774
Governor Sir Wm. Young, Bart 1771-1773
Governor Melville 1768-1771

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