Independence Address 2003

His Excellency Dr. J. O. Liverpool, D.A.H.
President of the Commonwealth of Dominica

On this our National Day and the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the attainment of our Independence, my wife and family join me in an expression of good wishes to all Dominicans.

During the recent past, our beloved country has been going through much turbulence; we have been surrounded and affected by the huge problems of the world; yet we continue to move on through all the hardships and uncertainties of life with unbounded energy.

We are able to do so successfully because we are a people whose faith is rooted in God and believe that He and only He will lead us on.

"One People, One Flag, One Nation" is the theme selected for the celebrations this year. I would like to add to the theme and say "One People, One Flag, One Nation under the One God."

As we strive to achieve our desired goals our efforts towards unity should be strengthened for it is only with reaching out to each other and pulling our resources together that we can achieve our objectives.

Let us use these celebrations to reflect on the need for all of us at home and abroad to work diligently so that we can achieve prosperity and peace for our beloved Country.

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