2014 Independence Message

My fellow citizens, residents and visitors to our fair Isle, it is indeed a pleasure for me to address a message to you for a second time on the occasion of the observance of the Anniversary of our Independence. Thirty-six (36) years ago, on 3rd November 1978, as a manifestation of our will and desire to take charge of our own affairs and to be masters of our own destiny, we declared our Independence from Britain. We were at the time faced with many challenges. We were nevertheless, determined that if we did not confront these challenges and seek to undertake our own development, no one would do it for us.

In all of the circumstances, we have done well as a people and a nation, and must give thanks to Almighty God for bringing us thus far. We must be proud that within less than one (1) year of our Independence, we were able to stand up as a people in defense of our freedom, our democracy, our values and our commitment to Constitutional Governance and the Rule of Law. Principles which we continue to hold dear and enjoy to this day.

Read the entire 2014 Independence Message (PDF, 85 KB) document.

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