• Invitations to the President or his wife should always be sent in the form of a letter written to the President’s Secretary. It is not correct to send only a printed invitation card. This of course does not apply to private invitations sent to His Excellency or his wife by their families or close personal friends.
  • The President or his wife should not be invited to adjudicate in competitions, nor should his wife be asked to assist in selling tickets for charity or raffles. It is embarrassing for persons who either do not desire to purchase a ticket, or perhaps cannot afford one, to have to refuse the President’s wife.
  • The President and his wife do not accord interviews to the Press or to representatives of commercial organizations, magazines etc.
  • When citizens of Dominica are nearing their 100th Birthday or the Celebration of their Diamond Wedding anniversary, early notification of the fact should be sent to the President’s Secretary if official recognition of the event is desired. Supporting evidence in the form of a birth, baptismal and/or marriage certificate must be made available.
  • On occasions when the President or his wife is asked to present Certificates, Diplomas, Awards, Prizes etc. arrangements must be made for a suitable person (preferably of senior rank), to escort them from their seats to the area where the presentations are to be made, and to escort them back to their seats afterwards.