Administering Officers

Officers Administering the Government of Dominica

Presidents of the Commonwealth of Dominica
President Charles Angelo Savarin, D.A.H. 2013-Present
President Eliud Thaddeus Williams, D.A.H., F.C.M.I. 2012-2013
President Dr. Nicholas J. O. Liverpool D.A.H. O.C.C. 2003-2012
President Vernon L. Shaw, S.A.H. 1998-2003
President Crispin A. Sorhaindo, O.B.E. 1993-1998
President Sir Clarence A. Seignoret, G.C.B., C.O.L., K.T.M., O.S.J., O.B.E. 1983-1993
President Aurelius B. Marie, M. B.E. 1980-1983
Acting President J.B.M. Amour, Esquire 1979-1980
President Frederick Degazon, Esquire 1979
Interim President Sir Louis Cools-Latigue, O.B.E. 1978

Sir Louis Cools-Latigue, O.B.E. 1967-1978
Governor G.C.Guy, C.M.G., C.V.O., O.B.E. 1967
Administrator G.C.Guy, C.M.G., C.V.O., O.B.E. 1965-1967
Administrator Lieut. Col. Alec Lovelace, C.M.G., M.B.E, M.C. 1960-1964
Administrator H.L. Lindo, C.M.G. 1952-1960
Administrator E.P. Arrowsmith, C.M.G. 1946-1952
Administrator J.S. Neil, C.M.G. 1938-1945
Administrator H.B. Popham, M.B.E. 1933-1937
Administrator W. A. Bowring, C.M.G. 1931-1933
Administrator E.C. Eliot, C.B.E. 1923-1931
Administrator R. Walter, C.M.G. 1920-1923
Administrator Arthur Mahaffy, O. B. 1915-1919
Administrator Edward Daruton, C.M.G 1914
Administrator W. Douglas Young, C. M. G 1906-1913
Administrator H. Hesketh Bell, C.M.G 1899-1905
Administrator P.A. Templer, C.M.G 1895-1899
President C.R. Le Hunte 1887-1894
Acting President J.S. Churchill 1882-1887
President C.M. Elridge, Esquire 1873-1882
President A.W. Moir, Esquire 1872-1873
Administrator Neale Porter, Esquire 1871-1872
Lieut. Governor S. Freeling, Esquire 1869-1871
H.E. Bulwer, Esquire, C.M.G 1867-1869
Lieut. Governor J. R. Longden 1865-1867
W. Robinson, Esquire 1865
Lieut. Governor J. Price 1861-1864
G. Berkeley, Esquire 1860-1861
Lieut. Governor Harry St. George Orde 1857-1860
Lieut. Governor S. W. Blackhall 1856-1857
President J. L. Bremner 1854-1856
Lieut. Governor S. W. Blackhall 1851-1854
Lieut. Governor G. McDonald 1848-1851
President J. L. Bremner 1847-1848
Lieut. Governor G. McDonald 1845-1847
President D.S. Laidlaw 1843-1845
Lieut. Governor J. Mc Phail 1842-1843
Major R. Hort 1840-1842
Lieut. Governor J. Mc Phail 1839-1840
Major Manning 1838-1839
Lieut. Governor J. Longlely 1838
Lieut. Governor Henry Light 1837-1838
President J. P. Lockhart 1836-1837
Governor-in–Chief of the Leeward Islands Resident in Dominica Sir E. J. Murray, Bart 1836
President J.P. Lockhart 1834-1836
Lieut. Governor Sir C.M. Schomerg 1833-1834
Governor Col. Sir E. J. Murray McGregor, Bart., 1832-1833
President J.P. Lockhart 1831-1832
Governor Major General W. Nocolay 1828-1831
President J. Laidlaw 1827-1828
Governor Major General W. Nocolay 1824-1827
Governor Earl of Huntingdon 1822-1824
President R. Reid 1821-1822
Governor Sir F.S. Whittingham 1820-1821
President R. Reid 1819-1820
Governor Colonel Charles W. Maxwell 1816-1819
President R. Reid 1815-1816
President B. Lucas 1814-1815
Governor Major General G.R. Ainslie 1813-1814
President John Corlet 1812-1813
Lieut. Governor Sir Edward Barnes 1809-1812
Governor-General Montgomerie 1808-1809
Governor George Metcalfe 1805-1808
Governor Sir George Prevost 1802-1805
Governor A. Cochrane Johnstone 1797-1802
President Matson 1796-1797
Governor Henry Hamilton 1794-1796
Lieut. Governor Thomas Bruce 1789-1794
Governor Sir John Orde, Bart., 1784-1789

Governor De Fagan 1780-1784
Governor Marquis Duchilleau 1778-1780

Governor Sir. Wm. Shirley 1774-1775
Lieut. Governor the Hon. Wm. Stewart 1773-1774
Governor Sir Wm. Young, Bart 1771-1773
Governor Melville 1768-1771

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