National Flag

National Flag

National Flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica

  1. The flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica consists of a circular emblem of red bearing a Sisserou parrot (Amazona imperialis) standing on a twig encircled by ten lime green stars. This is superimposed on three vertical and three horizontal stripes of yellow, black and white forming a triple coloured cross against a general background of forest green.
  2. The central emblem presents the National Bird of Dominica, the Sisserou parrot, also a symbol of flight toward greater heights and fulfilment of aspiration. The Parrot also comes from the Dominica Coat of Arms, thus symbolising the official Seal of the country.
  3. The ten lime green stars- the traditional symbol of hope represent the ten parishes of the country, each with equal status, thus the equality of our people. The red central emblem symbolises Dominica's commitment to social justice.
  4. The yellow, black and white stripes from a triple coloured cross representing the Trinity of God. The cross itself demonstrates belief in God since the Commonwealth of Dominica is founded upon the principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God.
  5. The yellow stripe represents the sunshine of our land, our main agricultural produce: Citrus and Bananas; and is also a symbol of the Carib and Arawak people, the first inhabitants of the Island.
  6. The White stripe represents the clarity of our rivers and waterfalls and the purity of aspiration of our people.
  7. The black stripe represents the rich black soil of our island on which our agriculture is based as well as our African heritage.
  8. The general background of dark green symbolizes our rich verdant forest and the general lushness.

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