Guidelines for Reservation and Use of the State House Conference Centre

Guidelines for Reservation and Use of the State House Conference Centre



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The purpose of these guidelines is to provide direction for reservation and use of the state house conference centre. The purpose of the conference centre is to provide and maintain a functional large group meeting environment for attendees of local and regional functions of a ministerial level and above, namely seminars/conferences, etc. Of government ministers, heads of government, heads of state, and other high level functions.

  • The state house conference centre consists of:
    • a media room
    • a secretariat
    • a regular kitchen and a commercial kitchen
    • a conference room
    • a caucus room
    • an overhead projector
    • a public address system
  • The facility is accessible from 8am to 10pm, and is also available during the weekend. The premises will be closed to the general public at 10pm. At the time of departure, the users are to ensure that the windows and doors are carefully closed, and to hand over the keys to the security officer.
  • There must be a minimum of 50 persons attending to reserve the conference facility. Maximum occupancy is 200 for theatre style seating (chairs only), and 120 for classroom seating (tables and chairs).
  • The use of the conference centre shall be restricted to government agencies only for the hosting of approved local and regional functions such as seminars, conferences, receptions and dinners at the aforementioned level. Government ministries and departments are presently accommodated free of charge. However, if the activity is funded by external agencies, ministries and departments are expected to contribute to the use of the facility.
  • All users are required to meet the cost of the facility at least two days prior to the activity; payable to the accountant general, treasury department:
  • Non-government: $800.00/day

$600.00/half day

  • Statutory bodies: $700.00/day

$500.00/half day

  • All reservations should be made in writing only and exclusively through the president’s secretary, and no later than seven (7) workdays nor more than ninety calendar days prior to the date of use unless participants, regional or international, are expected to be in Users may use the facility on the date set, after having obtained written approval.
  • Cancellation should be made no later than seven (7) workdays prior to the intended date of use to allow other users to be scheduled.
  • Subletting or actually making the facility available to users that are not mentioned is forbidden. When a breach of these guidelines is observed, access to the state house conference centre will be immediately denied and damages will be invoiced.
  • For security reasons, the users should make sure that the maximum capacity of the premises is not exceeded.
  • Entry to the conference centre will be accessed via main entrance to the state house located on victoria stree. Since parking space is limited, carpooling is recommended for larger groups. There is no automatic access to parking on the state house compound.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the building or outside the main entrance.
  • If the room temperature is uncomfortable please do not adjust the thermostats yourself. Please call for assistance.
  • Loitering on the state house grounds will not be allowed.
  • Food is permitted in the conference room in conjunction with business use. Any equipment or supplies required for food services such as coffee pots, coolers, plates, glasses, etc must be furnished by the Any spills are to be reported to the assistant property administrator for immediate clean up to minimize staining.
  • There are trash receptacles provided in the room and it is the responsibility of the using agency to see that all waste products are placed in the containers at the end of their use of the facilities.
  • The general kitchen and commercial kitchen should be kept tidy at all times and garbage disposed of in the bins provided.
  • Drinks are to be served by the user from the kitchen. If the user wants to use the kitchen, he/she will have to state so. If not, the kitchen will not be accessible to the public.
  • Washroom and kitchenette facilities are available to all users at no additional cost.
  • Any sale of drinks/eats is forbidden.
  • Users are allowed to contact caterers and take orders themselves. Any related payments will be made directly with the caterer. Caterers and other persons intended to use the facilities must be cleared with the office of the president no later than seven (7) workdays prior to the date of use.
  • Users reserving the facilities are responsible for arranging seating and layout of the rooms prior to and after the event which must be approved by the office of the president. Arrangements should also be made for the necessary messengerial and secretarial support required, for the activity for which bookings are made.
  • Users reserving the facilities are responsible for putting a work crew together to assist in setting up prior to their function and breaking down immediately after their function. Users are encouraged to set up within working hours. If users are unable to do so owing to circumstances beyond their control, then users will be responsible to pay overtime to the assistant property administrator and/or the building maintenance technician for their extra hours.
  • Users are to ensure that the venue is returned to its initial tidy state and furniture and technical equipment are stored immediately after the activity in the following way:
    • chairs and tables are gathered and neatly placed at the back of the room
    • the technical equipment will be put back in the cupboard provided for that purpose.
  • Availability of furniture, equipment and training aids should be confirmed prior to events. Furnishing of any equipment not available will be the responsibility of the user. It is recommended that the user check out the space and equipment prior to the day of use.
  • All equipment and teaching aids in the centre must be handled with care. Assistance should be sought when handling unfamiliar equipment. If any damage is found later, without the president’s secretary or the assistant property administrator having been informed, the user will be invited to attend when the damages are estimated. Absence of the user when damage is estimated is considered acceptance of the causes and responsibility for the amount of the damage. All equipment brought in must go through a screening process and approved by the office of the president prior to use.
  • Items belonging to the state house conference centre must not be taken out of the building without due permission.
  • Mode of dress must be formal.
  • The telephone will be restricted to emergencies. Persons must be discreet in the use of the telephone.
  • Music can be played inside of the state house conference centre as long as the volume and quality of music does not exceed a reasonable limit having regard to annoyance to the neighbourhood. The premises shall not be used for parties.
  • Disturbances generated by children accompanying attendees are discouraged.
  • Users of the centre are not to deface or misuse the tables, walls, windows, doors, furniture, panels and floors.
  • The use of any product that could be a risk for attendees or that could damage the infrastructure is strictly forbidden.
  • The user should ensure the safety of attendees to the activity. All fire prevention measures must be respected (fire extinguishers, emergency exits, etc).
  • In the event of any evacuation or other emergencies, the users will ensure that the emergency exits and the access doors to the meeting room are free of The office of the president cannot be held liable for any accidents.
  • The office of the president will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any personal items used on the premises during the period of rental of the conference centre or for any items left on the said premises beyond the stated period. Please note that they will be disposed of after 24 hours unless otherwise permitted by the office of the president.
  • The user is requested to permit only media personnel and photographers who have been invited by them or have received their prior consent to record proceedings of their programmes. All these persons are to be cleared with the office of the president no later than seven (7) workdays prior to the date of the use.

Failure to observe any of the above guidelines may result in future use privileges being denied.

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